Authors Coming

I am so excited to announce the names of the confirmed authors that we have coming!  We are so glad and humbled that they decided to give us a chance. We are still waiting on definate answers from a few, and once we get them, I will update the list!

Michelle Valentine

Nicole Edwards

Gina L. Maxwell

Kristen Proby

Jenn Foor

Katie Ashley

Kelsie Leverich

Gail McHugh

K.A. Robinson

Emily Snow

Toni Aleo

Hazel St. James

Cassia Leo

Julie Prestsater

J.L. Mac

M.R. Joseph

Tara Moran Sivec

JB McGee

HB Heinzer

Heidi McLaughlin

AL Jackson

Kim Karr

Kelli Maine

Erika Taylor

Nacole Stayton

Nicole Andrews Moore

Emmy Montes

Madeline Sheehan

Kathryn Vance-Perez

Aleatha Romig


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